Laser Lift

Laser Lift is innovative interstitial connective remodelling technique based on a laser micro-fiber 1470nm. The best results are obtained in several months, although lasting for more than two years. It is a non-invasive therapy which stimulates cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair through the use of visible and near infrared light (NIR) with no side effects.

How it works

The mechanism of action of the subcutaneous laser is twofold: 

    • acoustic/mechanical.
    • elective photothermolysis of the targeted tissue.
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Over the last 20 years various studies have published on laser liposculpture and in 2006 the FDA demonstrated that approximately 50% of 2200 subjects reported superior ‘skin tightening’ after laser liposuction than patients treated with traditional liposuction. Indeed, it is well established in the literature that it is possible to obtain excellent results with the primary aim of achieving skin remodelling and retraction.
Laser Lift technique represents nowadays one of the most innovative procedures using a micro-fiber connected to a diode laser 1470nm. In such a way, the technique aims to lift tissues from deeper layers using an optical fiber as thin as a human hair inserted under the skin in the superficial-middle hypodermis. Here it delivers the laser energy, without the need to cross the superficial layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis). 

Beniefit for laser lift

      • No incisions, no scars, no pain, and little-to-no downtime
      • No anesthesia; only cooling
      • You’ll start seeing results immediately and continued improvement over time as more collagen is naturally produced
      • It’s an outpatient procedure that is both FDA-approved and effective
      • Lower costs than surgery
      • It can be paired with other treatments and you can get maintenance treatments over time if desired

The results are immediate, continue to improve for several months and are long-lasting. If you like the effects but would want to enhance them further, you can repeat the treatment after 12 months.